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How farming planted seeds for the Internet - Patricia Russac


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What does farming have to do with invention and innovation? Permanent residences, division of labor, central government, and complex technologies--all essential for advancing civilizations--could not have been developed without the move from hunting-gathering to farming. Patricia Russac explores how farming was a major innovation leading to the civilization we know today.

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New inventions, technologies, and discoveries come with both positive and negative affects. Farming and permanent settlement by hunter-gathers was not without problems. Find out more about the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
A visual look at the origins of permanent, agricultural communities in Southwest Asia and Europe through a sequence of maps, diagrams, and photographs. This link provides an interesting look at the geographical relationship between the growth of early settlements and trade routes.
The development of agriculture during the Neolithic Revolution had an enormous impact on religious ideology and the growth of highly organized societies. Learn more here.
This short, animated video explains how the development of farming in Mesopotamia led to societal changes.

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  • Director Joyce Stenneke
  • Educator Patricia Russac
  • Narrator Patricia Russac

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