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Meet The Creators

  • Script Editor Alex Gendler
  • Director Serin Inan, Tolga Yildiz
  • Animator Tuncay Cetin
  • Composer Cem Misirlioglu, Brooks Ball
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Global Witness co-founder Charmian Gooch won the 2014 TED Prize. Her TED Prize wish was revealed at TED2014, and you can view her first TED Talk (Meet global corruption's hidden players) here.

For more info on what sorts of activities anonymous companies can aid, read these case studies. Then take a look at this in-depth investigation into the true owners of some of the world’s most expensive real estate. You can also check out this visualization to get an idea of the complex global scope of the issue. Finally, you can get involved in the movement for greater financial transparency across the world by learning about Global Witness and its work to challenge global corruption.

Please see here for a case study and accompanying report from Global Witness.