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For more about metastatic cancer, the American Cancer Society has a specific webpage dedicated to answering multiple questions on the topic. The National Cancer Institute also has many answers to those serious questions that you may have. The Emperor of all Maladies, a book by Siddhartha Mukherjee offers a biography of cancer from both the doctor’s and patients perspective. Read the New York Times book review about it called: The Mind of a Disease. Listen to an interview of the writer and read the prologue at NPR’s Fresh Air.

Want to learn more about cancer cells? Watch the TED-Ed Lesson: How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones. How about preventing cancer in the first place? Watch: Can we eat to starve cancer? a TED Talk by William Li. Want some more ideas about maintaining a healthy diet? Visit the Prevent Cancer Foundation and get some healthy eating ideas that just might reduce your risk of getting cancer! Visit the American Institute for Cancer Research for a list of foods that fight cancer!

What is being done to help cancer patients? Immunotherapy is one option. Visit the American Cancer Society and find out exactly what the options are and the new and upcoming ideas about treating cancer. For even more background on the different immunotherapy treatments visit Cancer Immunotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute site. Read one woman’s story about immunotherapy. View this New York Times Graphic and find out how scientists are helping T-cells fight cancer.

Scientist are still working diligently to find a cure for cancer. One of the latest is “evolving a protein” to help fight it. Visit Stanford and find out more. Can Viruses Be Used to Fight Cancer? This is another option scientists are looking at, listen and learn at NPR’s Science Friday.
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As we continue to have a better understanding of cancer, we also realize that cancer is much more complex than we previously thought.
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