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  • Director Biljana Labovic
  • Artist Celeste Lai
  • Educator Charles Morton, George Zaidan
  • Animator Lisa LaBracio
  • Narrator George Zaidan


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George Zaidan is a card-carrying nerd and lifelong teacher. He scours the internet for the most intriguing scientific papers and then translates them into English for his video blog, Pocket Science. He has written and hosted for The Weather Channel, worked on Alton Brown's science cooking opus Good Eats, and has produced science videos for New Scientist and Earth Magazines. George is a Fellow of the Institute for Education, an avid golfer, and a graduate of MIT.
Most of the time, when a cell in our bodies divides, each new cell carries a complete set of chromosomes. The cells involved with human reproduction, however, carry only half after division occurs. In this step-by-step explanation, learn about mitosis and meiosis, the two types of cell division.
A hepatocyte is a cell of the main tissue of the liver.
Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails.
Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body. Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer, since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body.
The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. This easy-to-read guide explains chemotherapy at a basic level.
When cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, patients have many questions. For the information and support that you will need, start your journey here.
George Zaidan's other TED-Ed lesson: Some people take aspirin or ibuprofen to treat everyday aches and pains, but how exactly do the different classes of pain relievers work? Learn about the basic physiology of how humans experience pain, and the mechanics of the medicines we've invented to block or circumvent that discomfort.
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