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History vs. Richard Nixon - Alex Gendler


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The president of the United States of America is often said to be one of the most powerful positions in the world. But of all the US presidents accused of abusing that power, only one has left office as a result. Does Richard Nixon deserve to be remembered for more than the scandal that ended his presidency? Alex Gendler puts this disgraced president’s legacy on trial.

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Special thanks to Stanley Kutler.

There is plenty more to understand about Richard M. Nixon. Here is a link to the Nixon Library where you can find out about his childhood, family, and post-presidency. Still interested in who Richard Nixon really was and where he came from? Visit the White House site to learn about the 37th president and his first lady, Patricia Ryan Nixon. has even more information about Richard Nixon that may give you a greater understanding of this man, his presidency, and the legacy he left behind.

Take a closer look at Nixon’s often-overlooked accomplishments and environmental initiatives, as well as an explanation of his actions and the context in which they occurred. PBS has information about Nixon and his domestic policies and provides links to nearly every aspect of Nixon’s presidency. Watch the American Experience movie: Nixon. What, if anything, did you learn that was new? Five Key Legacies of Former President Richard Nixon summarizes some important times in Nixon’s presidency, such as the signing of Title IX into effect in 1972. Female Athletes, Thank Nixon, an article from the New York Times, explains. 

But don’t forget about the seriousness of the Watergate crimes, the terrible legacy of the Chilean coup, and what recently declassified tapes reveal about his campaign’s interference in the Vietnam peace efforts. Watch here as President Nixon resigns from his presidency. Nixon’s Resignation: 40 Years Later has a good written summary of what occurred. The White House Historical Association site and Watergate, Gerald Ford and the Nixon Pardon also provide information on Nixon’s presidency and problems. Finally, watch and listen to President Gerald Ford’s speech as he grants Richard Nixon an absolute pardon. Was Nixon a good president or a bad president? What is your opinion?

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