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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Amy Bissetta
  • Producer Bridgette Spalding
  • Sound Designer Eric Hoffman
  • Animator Mark Phillips
  • Narrator Amy Bissetta


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Some character traits, according to Amy Bissetta, are good for us -- always have been, and always will be. Those traits include intelligence, wisdom, bravery, justice, respect, responsibility, honesty, unselfishness, compassion, patience, and perseverance.
Character Education: the Character Education Network is a place for students, teachers, schools, and communities to facilitate character education.
Historical Figures: This website showcases abolitionists who have been inducted into the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum. For students interested in learning more about virtuous people who took a stand against slavery, look no further.
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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous world leaders. He changed the course of United States history. In this TED Talk, Doris Kearns delves a little deeper into some of Lincoln's character.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., perhaps the most famous civil rights leader, also changed the course of United States history. Dr. King was an activist, an orator, a thinker, and — as several recent TED Talks have pointed out — a visionary leader. These three speakers touch on ways in which King’s passionate style galvanized a movement whose time had come.
How did George Washington become the first president of the United States in 1789? Who got to decide--or vote--who would become president, and how did they decide the winner? Kenneth C. Davis unveils the surprising story behind America’s first presidential election.