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Forget shopping. Soon you'll download your new clothes - Danit Peleg


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Downloadable, printable clothing may be coming to a closet near you. What started as designer Danit Peleg's fashion school project turned into a collection of 3D-printed designs that have the strength and flexibility for everyday wear. "Fashion is a very physical thing," she says. "I wonder what our world will look like when our clothes will be digital."

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Take a look at Danit Peleg’s other designs at her website: Danit Peleg 3D Printed Fashion. Wow! Read more about her journey to success here and take a closer look at that spectacular red jacket that she designed. Now watch her fashion show here. After watching the video, take a look at her designs (seen below), what words might you use to describe their design and structure?

What about the 3D printing industry? Visit this site and take a look at what is available. This TEDx Amsterdam article: 3D Printing: The face of future fashion, discusses this boundary pushing fashion trend. Scroll down and take a look at some of the videos that investigate some of the innovations in the industry. The unlimited possibilities are showcased in this video: This 3-D Printed Fashion Show Pushes Haute Couture in a New Direction. You truly are limited only by your own imagination!

Who pioneered this idea of 3D printing in fashion? Read this article and find out. Interested in printing your own 3D fashion accessories? See what some creative fashion students designed and printed here.  What is the current trend in 3D printing and fashion design? Is it really the next big thing? Finally, take a look at this recent article discussing a 3D printed shoe made from plastic ocean waste.

Still in awe by this amazing design concept, but unsure about how it works?
Start with this TED Talk: A primer on 3D printing by Lisa Harouni, then watch Avi Reichental’s: “What’s next in 3D printing?” these just might inspire you to learn more about 3D printing and what you can do with it. Get out there, learn, create and innovate!

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