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  • Educator Erez Garty
  • Director Hector Herrera
  • Producer Pazit Cahlon
  • Sound Designer Nick Sewell
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


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As you have seen in the video there is a lot of physics in soccer. The following article describes more physical principles of soccer kicks! Take a look and see more on how physics is part of any and all soccer games! Then, visit Real World Physics Problems to check out more soccer physics! Do you think knowing Physics can help you be a better soccer player?

This video describes how a Banana kick is done. When you watch it, try to think why is every step done. NASA’s: Bending A Soccer Ball may give you more insight into this type of soccer kick. Go outside, find an unoccupied soccer net, and give it a try! Does the soccer ball have anything to do with all this? National Geographic may have your answer in an article about the new Brazuca ball. 

Several articles were written analyzing the physics underlying Brazilian soccer player Roberto Carlos' kick. Read: Carlos ’97 free kick no fluke, say French Physicists and Bend It Like Magnus to find out more. Do you find Roberto Carlos’ kicking ability amazing? Read this article: “Impossible” Soccer Kick Leads to New Physics Equation.

Love soccer? So does the rest of the world! Watch this TED-Ed lesson: Soccer, the world’s favorite game. Find the physics of sports amazing? These TED-Ed lessons can provide more answers to your questions! Gridiron physics: Scalars and vectors, and An athlete uses physics to shatter world records. Where else do you see Physics in your everyday life?

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