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The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan.
10x10 is a feature film, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign, created and launched by an award-winning team of former ABC News journalists in association with The Documentary Group and Paul Allen's Vulcan Productions. We use the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a single message: educating girls in developing nations will change the world.SOLA is a people-to-people, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering educa­tional and leadership opportunities in Afghanistan and the world for the new generation of Afghanistan, especially for women. The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) was launched in 2000 by the UN Secretary-General to assist national governments as they fulfill their responsibilities towards ensuring the right to education and gender equality for all children, girls and boys alike. UNGEI works to improve the quality and availability of girls’ education in support of the gender-related Education for All goals, the second Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to achieve universal primary education, and MDG 3 to promote gender equality and empower women.Girls can play a crucial role in solving the most persistent development problems we face in the world today. The Girl Effect is a movement about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves.Today, thousands in Iran are denied formal university education due to their religious or ideological beliefs. Watch and share the trailer of a 30-minute documentary entitled Education Under Fire telling the poignant and compelling story of the Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) – the only chance for an entire minority community in Iran to receive an education.
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