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Additional Resources for you to Explore
What exactly is an aerosol? How big of an impact do aerosols have on our climate? Check out NASA: Earth Observatory and find out! Remember, just because you may not see aerosols, doesn’t mean they are not there! Most aerosols are from natural sources. Read and discover what the sources are. Other sources of aerosols are anthropogenic or man-made. Watch a simulation by NASA of how aerosols move around the globe. Watch it again, what are three observations that you can make?

Want to find out some of the most recent information about aerosols, clouds and climate change? Watch this video by The Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP). What did the scientists learn that they didn’t know before? Do aerosols change when they combine in the atmosphere with other aerosols?

Do clouds increase the effects of climate change or decrease the effects of climate change? Watch this from Princeton Science Action and find out! Do aerosols affect precipitation? Can you create your own Sketchnotes on this video?

CERN’s CLOUD experiment (Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets) has found a possible link between cosmic rays and cloud formation. What do trees have to do with aerosols? Learn what biogenic aerosols are and how trees can actually be helping to form clouds. Watch this CERN climate lecture and learn more!

Why is studying aerosols so important? No one can accurately predict what the true measure of climate change will be, but including aerosols in that model will improve the validity of scientist’s predictions. Find out why NASA thinks aerosols are a key ingredient in improving climate models here. How do aerosols change internal properties of clouds? Do they increase or decrease the amount of clouds in the troposphere?

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has a recent report about worldwide climate. Take a look, see who has contributed to the report and what the consensus about climate change is. What do you think? How has man contributed to this change? What can we do to decrease our impact?

Here are more TED Ed videos on Climate Change for added insight into this worldwide problem:

Why I must speak out about climate change James Hansen

Time- lapse proof about extreme ice loss James Balog

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