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Measuring what makes life worthwhile - Chip Conley


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When the dot-com bubble burst, hotelier Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that success comes from what you count. Chip Conley creates joyful hotels, where he hopes his employees, customers and investors alike can realize their full potential. His books share that philosophy with the wider world.

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Conley asks business leaders, “What kinds of less obvious metrics could we use to actually evaluate our employees’ sense of meaning, or our customers’ sense of emotional connection with us?” Investigate how this might work in education. How is your school measuring its success? Meet with school and district administrators to learn what metrics they’re tracking and to whom they report this data. Identify metrics that you think would be good additions to the existing measures; share these with school and community leaders. Explore whether and how students could develop and administer these measures.Learn more about Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index. How is Bhutan measuring GNH? Compare this to the measures used by Columbia University’s Earth Institute in its 2012 World Happiness Report commissioned by the UN. What are the common elements? How does your country fare in the World Happiness Report, and do you agree with the evaluation?Columbia University Earth Institute: World Happiness Report for Bhutan Studies: Gross National Happiness Conley for Bhutan Studies: Gross National Happiness High Level Meeting: Happiness and Well-Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm University Earth Institute: World Happiness Report

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