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We know that mosquitoes spread malaria, but what exactly is the disease? This malaria fact sheet can fill you in on the basics, and you can get a more in-depth understanding of the nature of malaria in this National Geographic article. You can find out more about malaria research and news at Malaria World, the scientific and social network for malaria professionals.Malaria is actually caused by a parasite that is hosted by the mosquito. And malaria parasites "talk" to each other! Scientists have discovered that mosquitoes are even more likely to bite humans when they are hosts to the parasite.Because of the mosquitoes and malaria parasite typical to the region, 90% of all malarial deaths in the world occur in Africa. "The Burden of Malaria in Africa" describes the shocking situation and examines trends in malaria across the population. You can also read the World Health Organization's annual report on malaria.Bart Knols offers 3 possible solutions to curbing malaria in the world, like a mosquito-killing pill. Scientists around the world are coming up with their own solutions: genetically-modified mosquitoes, synthetic mosquito lure, and smelly socks are just a few of the avenues of research.In his TED Talk, "Mosquitoes, malaria, and education," Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world's biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. Mosquitoes may suck (literally), but insects can be awesome! This TED playlist features 11 talks about just how wonderful bugs can be.
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