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Can you solve the time traveling car riddle? - Dan Finkel


675 Questions Answered

TEDEd Animation

Let’s Begin…

You and the professor have driven your DeLorean back to the past to fix issues with the spacetime continuum caused by your time traveling. But another DeLorean appears with older versions of you and the professor. The professors panic and explain that the universe could collapse now that you’re both in the same time and place. Can you merge the timestreams and travel home? Dan Finkel shows how.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Daniel Finkel
  • Director Igor Coric, Artrake Studio
  • Narrator Addison Anderson
  • Music Cem Misirlioglu
  • Sound Designer Cem Misirlioglu
  • Produced by Anna Bechtol, Sazia Afrin
  • Editorial Director Alex Rosenthal

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