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What are mini brains? - Madeline Lancaster


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Shielded by our thick skulls and swaddled in layers of protective tissue, the human brain is extremely difficult to observe in action. Luckily, scientists can use brain organoids — pencil-eraser-sized masses of cells that function like human brains but aren’t part of an organism — to look closer. How do they do it? And is it ethical? Madeline Lancaster shares how to make a brain in a lab.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Interested in finding out more about brain organoids? Visit the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology site and read a post from the educator. There is also a TED Talk that directly relates to this lesson: Growing mini brains to discover what makes us human by Madeline Lancaster. This webinar also discusses this amazing technology.

How one scientist is growing miniature brains in her lab from is another great read. The BBC also has an article: “We’re growing brains outside of the body.”

TED Ed has several great lessons on the human brain. Click here and start learning more about yours!

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