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Can animals be deceptive? - Eldridge Adams


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A male firefly emits a series of enticing flashes. He hopes a female will respond and mate with him. A female from a different species mimics his patterns: by tricking the male, she lures him in -- and turns him into a meal. Where else do we see this kind of trickery in the animal kingdom? Eldridge Adams details the surprising complexity of how animals manipulate predators, prey and their rivals.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Eldridge Adams
  • Director Alex Herder, Tarisa Shelton
  • Narrator Addison Anderson
  • Producer Alex Herder, Tarisa Shelton
  • Illustrator Xiuqi Wang, Dave Ellington, Joseph Le, Hannah Churn, Flavio Galvao
  • Storyboard Artist Xiuqi Wang, Dave Ellington, Joseph Le
  • Character Designer Xiuqi Wang, Dave Ellington, Flavio Galvao
  • Layout Artist Joseph Le
  • Animator Xiuqi Wang, Dave Ellington, Hannah Churn, Flavio Galvao
  • Music Matt Erlichman
  • Content Producer Gerta Xhelo
  • Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
  • Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott
  • Script Editor Emma Bryce
  • Fact-Checker Francisco Diez

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