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Attack of the killer algae - Eric Noel Muñoz


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As benign as it may look up close, the tiny seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia can wreak quite a bit of havoc on coastal ecosystems. This super algae is very adaptable; it also grows fast and spreads easily. Eric Noel Muñoz gives the details of this plant’s incredible invasion, shedding light on the risks of introducing invasive species into new ecosystems.

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Music in this lesson by Kevin MacLeod.
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Proceedings from the International Caulerpa Conference in early 2002 in San Diego convened Mediterranean scientists with California agency staff and scientists along with others from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere to understand the threat of Caulerpa and how to mount an eradication effort, which unfortunately was not done in the Mediterranean Sea.

NOVA produced a video on this topic in 2003 and aired on PBS. This is a link for the Transcript and the video can be purchased through their website.
Link for an excerpt to the book Killer Algae, written by French biologist and scuba diver Alexandre Meinesz, who first detected its presence in Monaco. The book is available from Amazon and others online.

Australian government website for the fisheries agency of New South Wales with information and warnings regarding Caulerpa taxifolia.

Link to online report about the presence and threat of Caulerpa taxifolia within Sydney Harbour, Australia.

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