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A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence


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Welcome to the world of Lucius Popidius Secundus, a 17-year old living in Rome in 73 AD. His life is a typical one of arranged marriages, coming-of-age festivals, and communal baths. Take a look at this exquisitely detailed lesson on life of a typical Roman teenager two thousand years ago.

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Romulus is an essential part of Rome's foundation myth. Romulus wanted to found a city on the Palatine Hill; Remus preferred the Aventine Hill. They agreed to determine the site through augury, but when each claimed the results in his own favor, they quarreled and Remus was killed. Romulus founded the new city, named it Rome after himself, and created its first legions and senate. The new city grew rapidly.
According to Laurence, Lucius would participate in an arranged marriage to a girl 10 years younger than him.
Liberalia is a particularly important Roman festival. This feast celebrates the maturation of young boys to manhood. Roman boys, usually at age 14, would remove the bulla praetexta, a hollow charm of gold or leather, which parents placed about the necks of children to ward off evil spirits.
Domitian was Roman Emperor from 81 to 96. He was the third and last emperor of the Flavian dynasty.
Roman baths were part of ancient Roman culture. They were vast facilities shared by members of similar peer groups. Based on your social standing, you bathed at specific times of the day and in varying conditions.*/Balneae.html
A strigil was a small, curved, metal tool used in Rome to scrape dirt and sweat from the body before effective soaps became available.
The Forum of Augustus is one of the Imperial forums of Rome, Italy, built by Augustus. It includes the Temple of Mars Ultor.
Patrons, clients, slaves, and Freedmen -- one of the main institutions of Roman life was the dependent relationship established between a patrons and his client.

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