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“Global weirding” is a term that some claim should replace “global warming” since it better describes the variable temperatures of intense weather changes. The term, coined by Hunter Lovins, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, refers to extreme climate change and the resulting severe weather-related events and changes in weather patterns. Get a basic understanding of the concept here.Read a more in-depth discussion here.Learn more about freebates from the Rocky Mountain Institute.How can we build without waste? Explore ideas of sustainable design in this TED playlist. TCO®, or True Cost to Own, calculates the estimated cost of owning a car over a period of five years using statistics of depreciation, interest on financing, taxes and fees, insurance premiums, fuel, maintenance, and repairs and any federal tax credit that may be available. Try the calculator here.
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How can they become profitable investments in the financial market? Could making them part of the capitalistic model hinder their advancement?
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