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TED-Ed launches in 5 new languages

By TED-Ed on January 6, 2023 in News + Updates, TED-Ed Lessons

Xixi Wang

Xixi Wang

TED-Ed is excited to announce that our award-winning animations will now be available in German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish via 5 new YouTube channels!

TED-Ed’s mission is to spark curiosity and spread lessons worth sharing to students, educators and life-long learners around the world. In an effort to make our animated shorts more widely accessible, TED-Ed has partnered with talented voice actors and translators around the world to publish professionally dubbed animated shorts on a weekly basis.

Subscribe to our new YouTube channels today:

German: TED-Ed Deutsch

Hindi: TED-Ed हिन्दी

Japanese: TED-Ed 日本

Mandarin: TED-Ed 中文

Spanish: TED-Ed Español

If you know a curious German-, Hindi-, Japanese-, Mandarin-, or Spanish-speaker — or perhaps you know someone trying to learn one of these languages — share this blog post with them to spread the word!

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