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Why does the sun really shine?


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Our assumptions about the world often evolve. The rock band, They Might Be Giants, discovered this firsthand. The band has covered the 1950s song, Why Does the Sun Shine?, since 1983. In 2008, they discovered the 1950s science, which the original song was based, was incorrect. In this song, they update the outdated information about the Sun.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

The original song, Why Does The Sun Shine?, was written in the 1950s based on the information that was then believed to be accurate. Watch They Might Be Giants' video of the song.

To understand why They Might Be Giants created a new song to correct the information, it is important to understand the science of the Sun. These resources are good places to start.

Wikipedia's entry for the Sun

NASA:Sun-Earth connection

The Sun by Hill and Carlowicz

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