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Seven continents song


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Lift up your voices to sing while you learn the seven continents song.

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There are a lot of satellites orbiting the planet and many have taken incredible pictures of the size and scale of Earth. NASA's website offers vistors many excellent examples to enjoy.Another classroom favorite is Google's Earth 3D Map You can explore, zoom in and move about at the click of a mouse.Over the centuries a number of maps have been produced in order to best represent the continents of earth accurately. This has led to some interesting discussions about the accuracy of the globes that sit on the shelves of many classrooms. In 2016 an article in Discovery Magazine declared that the AuthaGraph Map was the most precise. Along with the article are images of other past maps of the continents for comparison.For those who would like to dig even further. Check out this page from LiveScience about the supercontinent that scientist Alfred Wegener named Pangea.

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