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National grid fully charged


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The National Grid is a high-voltage electric power transmission network, connecting power stations and 340+ substations ensuring supply and demand is in the balance. Nigel Williams speaks to Robert Llewellyn about how the National Grid works in Great Britain, and what challenges it faces with the rapidly changing world.

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Did you know you can see the National Grid's electricity generation figures in real time. Have a look at what the demand is right now, and also whether the grid is meeting that demand by seeing whether the frequency is at 50Hz. Is too much electricity being generated or too little. How can you tell?Where is the electricity coming from? What proportion of the electricity is from the United Kingdom and what proportion from other countries? What other information can you find about the "smart grid"? How is micro electricity generation (such as solar cell panels on our houses) going to affect the running of the National Grid?

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