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Why all world maps are wrong


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Could everything you ever learned about the shape and size of the continents be skewed? Which map of the world is most accurate? How might all this be influencing the way you view the world? Vox takes a closer look. 

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Love maps? Take a look at: 42 Amazing Maps from the Vlogbrothers.

Recently, a new map was unveiled that is an extremely accurate representation of Earth's surface. These links: This Weird Globe-Folding Map Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Close and This World Map Is So Accurate It Folds Into a Globe explains why and how it is so accurate.

Interested in seeing the "true size" of different areas on Earth's surface? This website might help you get a good start on some of those comparisons:  THE TRUE SIZE OF ...  

How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think is also another great resource to get you questioning what you thought was true.

Why Every World Map You've Ever Read is Wrong will provide some more ideas about why everything you may have learned about the continents is distorted.   Wondering where the Mercator projection idea come from? Find out here.

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