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These South Florida 4th-graders have a message for their elected officials about climate change


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Fourth graders from South Florida share messages with their elected officials about climate change. 

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Voting is an essential part of the fight against climate change because it allows us to elect leaders who prioritize climate action and who will implement policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable future.

Check out this list of politicians across the world doing the most to forward climate action.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet today, and it requires urgent action on a global scale. It is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach, including policy changes, technological innovations, and individual actions. However, without strong political leadership, progress in addressing climate change can be slow or even stalled.

By voting for candidates who prioritize climate action, we can help ensure that policies are put in place to address the issue. This includes policies that support renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainable agriculture and transportation. By electing leaders who prioritize climate action, we can create a strong political will to address this urgent issue and take the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable future for all.

The Climate Action Tracker aggregates data to assess to what extent countires are doing enough to combat cliamte change.

By voting in favor of climate action, we can send a message to other nations and policymakers around the world that climate change is a top priority for citizens everywhere. This can help encourage other countries to follow suit and implement policies that support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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