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Should gas stoves be banned?


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There's been a lot of talk about a gas stove ban, thanks to a new report that found 13% of asthma cases in kids are caused by gas stoves specifically. Is it all controversy or are there genuine dangers and health impacts you should be worried about? What exactly are the environmental and health impacts of gas appliances? And should you go electric? The truth might shock you!

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Gas stoves have recently made it into the mainstream news. Many Americans prefer gas stoves to electric cooktops. This is in large part because the oil and gas industry spent millions in advertising to convince Americans of the superiority of natural gas stoves and ovens. But new induction technology has made stoves safer and better for the environment. And an increasing amount of home and professional chefs prefer induction to gas cooking.

If you really want to geek out on the benefits of induction and the downsides of gas cooktops, listen to this interview with Sage Welch of Sunston Strategies.

There's been a heated debate lately about gas stoves and potential government regulation. The fire was lit when a member of a federal consumer agency suggested the government might ban them in newly built homes. That was quickly shot down by the White House but there's still a new focus on the health impact and possible alternatives. Many of the studies about gas stoves and their adverse health effects have been around for decades, but are starting to resurface now.

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