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The complicated journey of marine plastic pollution


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Welcome to the Plastic Vagabond: a short film co-produced by Parafilms and Tara Expeditions with help from the Conservation Media Group that follows the journey of marine plastic pollution and encourages people to take action. The original idea and scenario in this video was created by Christian Sardet and Tierney Thys.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

The video was created by Parafilms and was directed by Noe Sardet, Sharif Mirshak. Learn more: 

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of the increasingly dire issue of marine plastic pollution and encourage people to participate in solutions.

Find out more about the Tara Ocean Expeditions featured in the film.For a comprehensive report on The New Plastic Economy check out this recent report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Read more about the Plastisphere--an entirely new ecosystem forming in the ocean due to the massive amounts of plastic trash. Check out Life in the “Plastisphere”: Microbial Communities on Plastic Marine Debris.

Interested in entrepreneurial solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. Check out Think Beyond Plastic.

Subscribe to the Plastic Free Times written by the Plastic Pollution Coalition for a wealth of plastic pollution information.

Join the 5 Gyres--an institution working to restore healthy plastic free oceans.

Everyone can help clean up the ocean. For information on how to participate wherever you are in the world, please see these sites.

Internationally--Ocean International Conservancy Coastal Clean-up
Europe--Surfrider in Europe
Canada--Canada Shoreline Cleanup

For more information about plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Ocean where much of the footage for the film was shot please check out Beyond Plastic Med-- a group of five organizations (IUCN, Tara Expeditions, Surfrider, the Mava Foundation and the Albert II of Monaco Foundation) dedicated to researching and implementing solutions to plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

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