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Is height all in your genes?


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How tall are you in comparison to your family? Are you nearly the same in height, a little taller, a little shorter? Could genetics have everything or nothing to do with height? It's Okay To Be Smart takes a closer look!

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For more information on this topic, visit Scientific American and read: How much of human height is genetic and how much is due to nutrition?Interested in the study that used twins to find out more information about genetics and height? Click here!Is height determined by genetics? is another great resource! Read it and learn even more!Our World Data also has a very informative link to heights of people across the world. Scour the data and soar to new heights with the immense knowledge you will gain!Interested in the effect of the environment on height? Read: The tall and short of it: How average English height has changed over 2000 years.

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