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Discussing digital organizing with President Obama


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President Obama visited Stanford University to deliver a keynote speech about disinformation and challenges to democracy in the digital information realm. Elise Joshi, Director of Operations at Gen Z for Change, was invited to join a small conversation with President Obama where she discussed using TikTok for digital organizing and news.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Pew Research indicates a significant shift in news consumption habits among Americans, with an increasing number of teens and adults turning to TikTok for news content. This contrasts with the prevailing trend observed on most other social media platforms.

Anita Li's TED Talk underscores the transformative power of digital journalism, emphasizing its role as a platform for amplifying diverse voices and perspectives. Li's insights shed light on the evolving landscape of news dissemination and the importance of inclusivity in digital storytelling.

MoveOn's Digital Organizing Hub serves as a comprehensive resource, offering a range of tools, guides, and training materials tailored for individuals and groups engaged in digital activism and organizing endeavors. Through this platform, users can access valuable resources to enhance their digital organizing skills and amplify their impact on social and political issues.

For a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by the digital information era on democracy, platforms like MediaSmarts provide comprehensive educational materials tailored for students. These resources include interactive games and lesson plans designed to foster media literacy and critical thinking skills.

Finally, publications such as the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review offer scholarly analyses and policy recommendations on the impact of misinformation and polarization on democratic processes. By delving into these resources, readers can gain valuable insights into the complexities of contemporary media landscapes and explore potential strategies for mitigating their adverse effects on democratic societies.

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