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Some study that I used to know: What do you remember from high school?


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How much do you remember from your time in high school? The video in this lesson (a parody of Goyte's very popular music video) does a nice a good job of articulating some of the biggest frustrations students and educators. This lesson encourages users to reflect on what they got from their time in high school, and to consider how to get more from future school experiences.

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Author Note: This is the first YouTube video I've tried "flipping" into a TEDed lesson, as I work to learn how to make best use of the new TEDed platform for making videos into interactive lessons. I'd welcome encouragement, feedback and questions from others trying it out.~~~An idea for an extension project:Goyte's song, "Somebody I used to Know" has been covered and parodied by several other artists. For example, Walk of the Earth, created their one-cut video showing the 5 band members playing the whole song on one guitar. Then Key of Awesome made a popular parody of WOTE's video.Songs are often more memorable than spoken language. Parodies can be a useful way of tying something new to something already familiar, making it more memorable. Are there any songs or music videos that you could imagine a parody for? What could you learn from the process of developing your ideas into an actual audio or video clip you could share? ~~~Additional resources for meta-learning and learning assessment at

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