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How do pelicans survive their death-defying dives?


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The pelican has a special body parts that help it to get its food and survive. Let's listen to find out more!

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Interested in birds? Start with the Cornell Lab by clicking here to find more out about the brown pelican. Then, take a look around for other birds that you may have seen in your neighborhood.The brown pelican used to be on the Endangered Species list due to insecticides like DDT. It has recovered and has been removed from that list. Learn about conservation methods that are helping it to continue to stay healthy! Visit the Smithsonian's National Zoo!Finally, learn about a restoration program that was highly successful in Louisiana, USA. The brown pelican was restored to native habitat and has successfully survived.Confused how an insecticide can imperil a bird such as the Brown Pelican? Learn more here: How one scientist took on the chemical industry.

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