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What's the ultimate campfire fuel?


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You are off for a weekend of camping. One of your major concerns is to produce a wonderful, glowing campfire for the others in your group. What should you bring as your source of fuel? SciShow helps you decide.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Need some advice on exactly how to start the campfire now that you've learned about which fuel to choose? Start with two informative videos: How to build a campfire? and How to pick wood for a campfire. Need more options? Try this link: Learn to start a campfire.

Don't forget to follow safe steps when building your campfire! Watch this for some reminders: Campfire Safety!

Looking for some great camping hacks? Take a look at this link!

Still not sure why you would want to attempt camping? The very real benefits of going camping is a great read that will convince you of the benefits of getting out!

How about cooking over a campfire? The KOA has everything you might need! Start here: Campfire Cooking for some delicious ideas! Bon Appetite also has great and tasty meals: 25 campfire meals to keep you well-fed in the great outdoors.

Can't have a campfire without S'mores! Yum!! Here's a recipe: How to make campfire s'mores.

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