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9 Futuristic Materials


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"Scotty, we need transparent aluminum now!" "But Jim, we don't have the power or technology to do it!" That was 1986. It's 2018, and we do now. This futuristic material in Star Trek IV came from a faraway future and 30 years later, that faraway future is our present reality. When we consider how the knowledge of Chemistry, Physics, Design, and Engineering are synthesizing, the future looks innovative, functional and strong.

My interest in this kind of learning is kind of a contradiction to my education. As a languages major and educator, my continuous fascination with Science has led me to create many lessons in a field I have little to no post secondary education in. Undaunted, I keep 'nerding out' over learning new things. 10 Years ago it was my excitement over the discovery of Nanotechnology that led me to share what I learned with my son who was 13 at the time. 10 years later, he will be graduating with a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering. It all comes down to igniting a spark in ourselves that may be shared with others. This lesson covers a lot of material(s) in a short time span, but offers enough to light a fire in a lot of minds when you journey down one of the rabbit holes I included in the Dig Deeper section. Keep learning, keep sharing, and keep creating!

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