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The environmental cost of free two-day shipping


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You place an order online and are offered many delivery options. Who wouldn't choose the fastest option? After all, you want that product as soon as feasibly possible. But, which delivery choice is best for the environment? Vox takes a closer look. 

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How can you decrease your carbon footprint? 7 instant ways to reduce your carbon footprint will give you some ideas! Retailers can also strive to decrease the carbon footprint with a few easy tips. Read this article to find out more! Vox also has an article entitled: Online shopping is terrible for the environment.
It doesn't have to be.Which is really greener-- shopping at a store or shopping online? Click here to find out more opinions!
How can you reduce your carbon footprint while traveling, whether by plane or car? Visit this site and get some tips! Finally, here's how to reduce not only your carbon footprint, but that of your whole family, too!

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