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Think of your body as a complex battery that has to be recharged on a daily basis to work at it's best. Where does the energy come from? In this lesson we will discover how the sun's rays provide enough energy to start and sustain the entire food chain that sustains and powers you.

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Crash Course Kids has also made a companion lesson about Food Chains if you want to look at even more link to this learning smorgasbord.National Geographic and the Smithsonian Science Education Center offer some amazing resources and lessons about Food Chains for students.The more we learn about food, the more important it is to think of how it is not alway equally or equitably distributed on our planet too. Food security issues - How do we ensure there is enough for everyone to eat now and in the future? Sara Menker's TED Talk tells us a crisis may be less than a decade away.The World Food Program supports as many as 100 million at risk people in 83 countries every year. WFP’s efforts focus on emergency assistance, relief and rehabilitation, development aid and special operations. In good times and bad, food banks are so important to our society. Many people rely on them for help in times of crisis. There should never be a time when the choice of food or shelter or utilities needs to be made. Consider donating to your local food banks whenever you can.

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