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How streaming caused the TV writers strike


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Thousands of television and film writers who are part of the Writers Guild of America are in the middle of a historic strike. At the core of the dispute is streaming and how it's changed how television gets produced, the role writers play, and how they get paid. Vox speaks to four TV writers and showrunners about why it has become harder than ever to build a career in the age of streaming.

Additional Resources for you to Explore

The New Yorker interviewed “The Bear” writer Alex O’Keefe about why TV writers are struggling, and what is at the heart of the strike.

Alissa Wilkinson covered the WGA strike for Vox, including a part of it that wasn’t mentioned in this video: the threat of AI.

There’s a great episode of The Daily podcast about how streaming stunts career development for TV writers. Listen here.

Vulture breaks down the basics of the writer's strike and how you can support them.

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