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Why mosquitoes bite some people more than others


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Are you the person in the group who is always getting bitten by mosquitoes? Science has shown that mosquitoes are attracted to certain people more than others. So why is that? And is there anything you can do to be, well, less attractive to mosquitoes? Veritasium investigates.

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Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths every year than any other animal, but very few of the 3,500 mosquito species actually transmit deadly diseases to humans. Scientists have been conducting experiments using engineered technologies called gene drives that could theoretically get rid of the most lethal mosquitoes. So, should we eradicate these pesky insects? Talya Hackett investigates.

23andMe researchers have identified 285 genetic markers associated with mosquito bite frequency, bite itchiness, or bite size. These markers along with non-genetic factors such as age and sex may affect whether you get more or fewer bites than the people around you. Dig into the study and research here.

Everyone hates mosquitos. Besides the annoying buzzing and biting, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria kill over a million people each year (plus horses, dogs and cats). And over the past 100 million years, they've gotten good at their job -- sucking up to three times their weight in blood, totally undetected. Rose Eveleth shares the history of humans and mosquitoes.

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