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The chemistry of skunk spray


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What exactly makes a skunk smell SO bad and where does this smell come from? While the visual may be a bit disturbing, Gross Science has the answer for you!

Additional Resources for you to Explore

Want to learn some awesome facts about skunks that are sure to enhance any conversation? Start here: 10 Pungent Facts About Skunks.

Now, check out this Baby Skunk video from PBS! 

Tell Us Your Skunk Tales is also fun to watch!

Interested in seeing the striped skunk's defense moves?  Watch this video!

Why are skunks black and white? Warning coloration is the most likely answer! Watch this video from the American Museum of Natural History that discusses warning colors. Bozeman Science also has a great video on Aposematic colorationRead this article to find out more! Is it all about the color? Scientists are still not quite sure! Now, watch this video: Skunk's Strategy Not Just Black and White!  

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