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Does being cold make you sick?


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Have you ever heard someone say, "Bundle up or you'll get sick"? These pre-cautionary words echo around the world as the first step of prevention against colds and flu when temperatures dip. But does being cold really make you sick? In this lesson, we are going to learn more about how and why it can happen.

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I wondered when and how the word cold became associated with illness and went digging online to find its etymology.In 2015 Raymond Wang gave an impressive TED Youth talk about How germs travel on planes - and how we can stop them. It offered an affordable solution on how to make plane travel safer for all.As you continue to deepen your understanding of the human body, this excellent TED Ed lesson - How does the immune system work? by Emma Bryce will be very helpful.Looking for another TED Ed lesson to share about how viruses spread? Check out How do germs spread (and why do they make us sick?)Sometimes it's all about the data. For anyone who wants to see the numbers on a global basis, the WHO compiles copious amounts via their web site. Here you can find videos, up to the minute updates, and resources for students.

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