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TED-Ed Insights Recording Guidelines

Thinking about recording an Insights submission? Read the following guidelines below to assist you in recording your video.

  1. Submissions must be in English. We hope to expand to other languages in the future, but due to current capacity we are only approving those submitted in English.
  2. Submissions should be between :30 seconds and 3 minutes in length. The maximum time for a video is 3 minutes.
  3. You do not need to spend a lot of time introducing yourself. You will be prompted to share your first name, location and role when you upload the video so save your recording time for sharing your Insight!
  4. Make your submission as clear and concise as possible. At the beginning of your submission you can:
    • Start with restating the prompt you chose to lead into your idea. I.e. Prompt: What has the pandemic taught you about how schools can address inequity? Answer: “The pandemic taught me that schools can address inequity by...”
    • Start with “A new _____ emerged during the pandemic” and explain more context of what the new thing is.
  5. Utilize these resources for video recording tips.
  6. After you upload your video, you will receive a video upload confirmation from the Capsule team at Your submission will not automatically appear publicly. The TED-Ed team will review your submission and it may be considered for inclusion on the TED-Ed Insights page or other prominent TED channels. The TED-Ed team will review but will not reach out to speakers unless interested in future opportunities or with follow up questions.