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Number of Ted-Ed Original Lessons since you became a patron


Number of Ted-Ed Clubs created since you became a patron

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since you became a patron
since you became a patron
Bill Feaver 55 1997
Umar Farooq 54 1995
Ruth Fang 55 1995
Exal Enrique Cisneros Tuch 43 1812
Josh Engel 55 1997
Brittiny Elman 55 1995
Armando Ello 29 1595
Clarence E. Harper Jr. 38 1710
Victor E Karhel 55 1997
Miroslav Dunaev 19 913
Phyllis Dubrow 32 1640
Dale Dualan 51 1957
Tamás Drávai 53 1984
Joshua Downing 55 1997
David Douglass 55 1997
Megan Douglas 52 1965
Samuel Doerle 55 1995
Ricardo Diaz 11 620
Singh Devesh Sourabh 38 1719
Christophe Dessalles 55 1997
Joris Debonnet 55 1997
Nick Debenedictis 19 913
Katie Dean 23 1044
Arturo De Leon 55 1997
Caitlin de Falco 13 700

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