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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Erez Garty
  • Director Stuart Simpson
  • Artist Lauren Ellis
  • Narrator Addison Anderson


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Biotechnology is going on in millions of kitchens around the world. Amazing isn't it? Visit this site to find out more. Now, watch this TEDxDublin Talk: Bringing Biotechnology into the home by Cathal Garvey.

What exactly is going on with these bacteria that have been used to create at least some sort food in your life? The answer is cellular respiration. Watch this video from Bozeman Science to learn more about both aerobic and anaerobic respiration which play key roles in the biotechnology going on in the food in your kitchen!

Interested in the function of bacteria in the production of wine and beer? Visit this link to find out the science behind fermentation. Visit Khan Academy and watch: Alcohol Fermentation which includes information about yeast and its role in making both bread and wine.

Love cheese and want to see more about how different kinds are made? Watch: How is cheese made? From Naked Science Scrapbook. What is cheese without a little bread to go with it? Check out the History of Bread to find out a little more about yeast's role in certain breads. Then, just to be sure you understand the science of bread, watch, "How Does Bread Rise?"