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For more TED-Ed Lessons about eating, check out this series. Popular artist Banksy recently mounted a mobile installation in NYC called Sirens of the Lambs. Check it out here. Check out Jonathan Safran Foer's book, Eating Animals. Here are some resources from the Eating Animals website: In the words of Farm Forward: Eat conscientiously-as few animals as possible, ideally none. More than 99 percent of animal products are produced under factory farm conditions. Support pending state and federal legislation to improve standards for farms. Learn more about legislation aimed to improve conditions for farm animals [] and legislation that addresses the effects of farms on our environment [,1383/pid/201] and communities []. Tell Congress that you want to support alternatives to factory farming. Every year, agribusiness receives billions of dollars in subsidies and grants that make factory farming possible. Have a conversation with the people who produce your food. If you aren't allowed to see where your food comes from, you probably shouldn't be eating it. Stay informed about current issues in the fight for more humane and sustainable farming. Sign up to receive newsletters from groups like Farm Forward and the Humane Society of the United States. You can also follow many of your favorite groups on Twitter. Spread the word! Talk about Eating Animals with your friends, family and colleagues, and encourage them to read up on and these important issues themselves. Support organizations working for change. Check out Jonathan's favorite organizations. Farm Forward Farm Sanctuary Food and Water Watch Food Democracy Now! Humane Society of the United States People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Sierra Club Sustainable Table Waterkeeper Alliance Buy products from the most progressive farmers in America. Sustainable Table's Eat Well Guide provides an extensive list of small farmers. We also encourage you to support Frank Reese, whose Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch is featured in Eating Animals. Organize your friends and family to place large orders from progressive farmers. For small farmers like Frank Reese, shipping is by far the most expensive aspect of bringing their products to your table. By placing large orders together with your friends, family and colleagues, anyone can afford to eat the most humane and sustainable products in America.
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