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For an in depth look at the history of theater around the world, check out
Check out a review of the highlights of different periods of theater history, including plays, acting styles, staging convention, costuming, and playwrights at this website.
Musicals, Broadway and New York City . . . they are forever linked, helping to define each other. How did a rough Dutch frontier trading post (where stage performances were forbidden) develop into the theatrical capital of the world?
Do some research:
Do an Internet search of some images of the Globe theater. How is the theater similar to the pageant and how is the Globe unique to itself? Compare the Globe Theatre to theaters of today.
Do an Internet search of Cuthbert Burbage to discover why and how the theater was moved and rebuilt as the Globe.
Watch “York Mystery Plays 2010 – an Introduction.” After viewing, do you feel that you could fill one of the jobs required to create such a production? Explain what value this has historically or artistically?
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