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  • Educator Phoebe A. Cohen
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  • Narrator Joshua Holden


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To learn more about hominid fossils and those who study them, check out this page from UC Berkeley.For some good classroom activities on fossilization check out these activities hosted by UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology. PaleoPortal is a great website to learn more about the fossils and geology of North America. You can find out about fossils in your state, and learn about how fossil groups have changed through time. Brian Switek’s blog Laelaps has great information on new paleontology research, especially dinosaurs and other larger vertebrates.For a more in-depth view of the fossil record, check out the Paleobiology Database, a public database of published fossil data from around the world.
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Fossils are our best window into the history of life and provide key evidence for evolution over long time scales.
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