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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Veronica Bindi
  • Director Jeremiah Dickey
  • Animation Artist Lisa LaBracio
  • Script Editor Alex Gendler
  • Narrator Stephanie Lo


Additional Resources for you to Explore
Interested in learning more about cosmic rays? Want to know which elements are found in them? Where did they originate? Visit the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to get more information! For the most recent information about comic ray happenings in the universe visit the NASA site Cosmicopia. Visit the question and answer page to learn everything you needed to know about cosmic rays!

The CERN website has a wonderful description of Hess’s balloon experiment and his discovery of cosmic rays. Peruse the website. Learn what CERN represents and what is being studied there. Check out the student tab to find online lectures and student placement opportunities at CERN! Who knows where it may lead you!

Learn why cosmic rays have been called “messengers from a violent universe” at Check out photos from cosmic ray exploration and experimentation here. Which violent occurrences in our universe cause cosmic rays?

Does learning more about A.M.S sound interesting? Visit the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Experiment that flies aboard the International Space Station and found out what it is being discovered! Want the chance to study cosmic rays yourself? (here on Earth!) Check out the Cosmic Ray e-Lab, talk to your science teacher and join other high school students interested in the same topics!

Are cosmic rays dangerous to us here on Earth? Do they affect us when we fly? NPR has cosmic ray articles and audio files about these topics!

Cosmic Rays Sound Scary, But Radiation Risk On a Flight Is Small

Cosmic Rays: 100 Years of Mystery

Headed To Mars? Watch Out For Cosmic Rays

Watch Scientific American Instant Egghead and find out if cosmic rays spark lightning! Is this proven or is it just a hypothesis? What do the scientists say? What do you think?