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Exploring other dimensions - Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan


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Let’s Begin…

Imagine a two-dimensional world -- you, your friends, everything is 2D. In his 1884 novella, Edwin Abbott invented this world and called it Flatland. Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan take the premise of Flatland one dimension further, imploring us to consider how we would see dimensions different from our own and why the exploration just may be worth it.

What could studying the fourth (and higher) dimensions be useful for? Hint: not all dimensions are spatial. Time can be a dimension, as can any variable in an equation.

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Alex Rosenthal, George Zaidan
  • Animator Cale Oglesby
  • Sound Designer Chris Acker
  • Composer David Housden
  • Narrator George Zaidan

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