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Could we survive prolonged space travel? - Lisa Nip


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Prolonged space travel plays a severe toll on the human body: microgravity impairs muscle and bone growth, and high doses of radiation cause irreversible mutations. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands: even if we do break free from Earth’s orbit, can we adapt to the extreme environments of space? Lisa Nip examines our odds.

Gene therapy and microbial engineering are two biological tools that have helped alleviate human diseases. What are some ways that astronauts might benefit from biotechnology?

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Meet The Creators

  • Educator Lisa Nip
  • Script Editor Mia Nacamulli
  • Director Bassam Kurdali
  • Producer Fateh Slavitskaya
  • Sound Designer Cem Misirlioglu
  • Narrator Julianna Zarzycki

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