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Universal Human Rights

Learn about the rights we all share, and how their universal protection helps ensure freedom, justice and peace in the world.

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In 1948 the United Nations issued a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that laid out a common standard of fundamental rights to be universally protected. But how much do you know about the rights and freedoms everyone, everywhere — including you — is entitled to? Explore the videos below, and dig deeper in their accompanying lesson materials, to learn more about your rights, their history, and how to protect their future.

What are universal human rights? Start here


Learn about the institutions designed to protect human rights.

Examples of rights

Learn about the kinds of rights to which you’re entitled.

Success stories

Learn how human rights are being upheld and expanded.


Learn about the processes designed to protect human rights.

Threats to human rights

Learn about the threats from which human rights must be protected.


Learn about what role people have in implementing and protecting our rights.

Calls to action

Learn the amazing stories of how people all over the world are ensuring the rights of all.

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