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If you're interested in learning more about William the Conqueror, you can read a comprehensive biography on the official website of the British Monarchy here. For a more interactive version, see a full timeline from the BBC of his life and achievements here. The History Channel has an article entitled "Ten Things You Didn't Know About William the Conqueror."

To find out more about William's unfortunate predecessor, Harold, read his biography on the British Monarchy website, or the BBC version. There, you can also find a page about Edward the Confessor.

For a view of the Bayeux Tapestry online, you can go to the Bayeux Tapestry website, where you can click through panel-by-panel. If you have the opportunity to visit Bayeux, check out the Bayeux Museum, which houses the tapestry. 
Why do you think the Bayeux Tapestry was commissioned? Have you heard the quote "History is written by the victors?" Do you think that quote holds true in the case of the Battle of Hastings, and how might our interpretation of the event be different had Harold won?