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See an interactive virtual dissection of the famous Eames video here.Get lost in the up close and the far away as you scroll through this interactive website. The scale of the universe is literally at your fingertips.So, the universe seems huge. As a matter of fact, it seems like it goes on for eternity -- like it's infinitely big. How big is infinity anyway?How did the universe begin -- and how is it expanding? CERN physicist Tom Whyntie shows how cosmologists and particle physicists explore these questions by replicating the heat, energy, and activity of the first few seconds of our universe, from right after the Big Bang.How do we see things too small to be detected by the human eye? What about things inside our own bodies? At TEDYouth 2012, Dee Breger uses a scanning electron microscope to give us a glimpse of images including blood clots, thyroid glands, and lungs with pneumonia.
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